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IGM business consultants have an experience of participation in more than 3000 projects. Excerpts from project portfolio are given below.

Metal-processing plant.  Design of plan for the organizational development of former Soviet enterprise with consideration of necessity in the provision of competitiveness on the market.

Investment-industrial group.  Restructuration of the management system with a selection of central managing company and formation of holding for business incorporation in various industries.

Security company.  Optimization of interaction system between the head company and remote business divisions.

Agro-food complex. Design of establishment development strategy, optimization of enterprise management system and organization of results management system.

Distributor of spare parts of agricultural equipment and vehicles.  Design of program for optimization of stored resources management system.

Gas processing plant.  Design of quality control system that would correspond to international standards.

Large hotel.  Design of strategic development plan for the former Soviet hotel, with a change of its whole management system and service.

Manufacturer of furniture.  Re-engineering of business processes and design of a program for middle-term company development.
Investment group.  Design of business plan for investment project “Production of sticky tape on the basis of BOPP.

Multi-business holding.  Design of business plan for investment project “Organizаtion of ceramic bricks producing plant ”.

Construction company.  Design of project justification "Construction of Kempinski Residences”.

Manufacturing holding.  Design of business plan and support of investment project “Enlargement of production of construction mixtures and liquid additives”.

Ore mining company.  Design of business plan and support of investment project “Development of nickel-cobalt deposits”.

Investment-industrial company.  Design of feasibility study for justification of project “Creation of factory for the production of cardboard food packages with flexographic printed image”.

Investment group.  Design of business plan “Organization of the plant for production of High-Pressure reservoirs and containers for oil and gas industry”.

National company.  Justification of investment project “Organization of cotton sort-dependent recycling”.

Sugar producing a plant.  Design of feasibility study for project “Organization of pulp drying department”.

Production-investment group.  Assessment of investment risks and justification of project “Organization of noodle products production”.
Pipeline transportation company.  Analysis and forecast of prices growth for x60 steel strips in Russia and Ukraine.

Logistics company.  Assessment of warehouse services market potential in Kazakhstan.

Telecommunications company.  Analysis of opportunities for entering the market of operator services.

Commercial bank.  Assessment of the potential of the sales market for production of marble powder and plaster.

Hotel complex.  Research of hotel services market in countries of Central Asia with the development of recommendations on marketing strategy.

Cheese factory.  Research of market potential in Kazakhstan and development of marketing strategy on market entry.

Investment group.  Assessment of market of online apps for call of a master at home.

Investment group.  Research of investment potential of the ferrous metal market.

Automotive manufacturer.  Assessment of condition and forecast for the development of middle-class automotive vehicles market in Kazakhstan, with the development of marketing strategy for market entry.

Energetics corporation.  Research of the coal-chemical goods production market in Kazakhstan, Russia, China, EU countries.

National corporation.  Research of alternative energy market potential in countries of Central Asia. 

Commercial bank.  Research of residential and commercial real-estate market with the development of recommendation on adjustments of credit policy.

State bank.  Expert evaluation of marketing/commercial degree of preparedness of investment project on construction of gas turbine power plant in Kazakhstan.
Production company.  Assessment of investment potential and development of justification of project “Organization of industrial construction complex”.

Oil-refinery company.  Assessment of investment potential and justification of project “Modernization of ORP and mastering the production of EURO-5 standard automotive fuel”.

Knitting factory.  Design of business plan and attraction of investment to the project of “Modernization and growth of knitted goods production”.

Metallurgic enterprise.  Design of investment memorandum and support of the sale of the enterprise to investors.

Investment group.  Assessment of opportunities for realization of investment project on the basis of unfinished construction object.

Investment group.  Assessment of investment potential of the project “Organization of cinema network”.
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