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Owners of trade company specialized in furniture and interior goods have faced such situation when their current system of accounting was working only on the level of transactions, and in case of a requestfor provision of analytics on sales effectiveness and execution of planned indexes, no one is able to do it within the short-term. Time was needed to be spent on preparation and summary of data, which often had incoherence of data for divisions and the group itself.

Each manager on itsown level (top managers, divisions) should have access to authentic data atany given moment of time and in different aspects of analytics.

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IGM consultants offered not only to optimize and increase the quality of information in the already existing accounting system but to implement interactive panels for monitoring of work results (sales, profitability, dynamics, divisions and KPI) in accordance with the cutting edge digital technologies, in order to receive management reports online.


Assessment of available IT infrastructure has given the understanding that it is possible to cut the costs of development of management accounting system. By this time the implementation of 1C software was already finished, and MS SQL Server, as well as Active Directory, were already available for use. Introduction of the MS Reporting Services was the logical development of the system, especially since the marketing program of Microsoft gives right for a trial licensed version of Datazen, which is deployed on the SQL basis.

We also performed the diagnostics of the accounting system and prepared a setof recommendations concerning the logic mistakes in reports. We have developed the road map of making changes and corrections. As the basis of logic was suggested the reliable methods of double recording, which helps to avoid mistakes in accounting and cross-checks were designed for checking of reports within the accounting system. The main goal is that every division may see it’s own level of efficiency by sales indexes, turnover rates, and profitability.

Head of the company together with IGM consultants have designed optimal system of key indexes of efficiency, strictly systemized accounting system and transfer of information within 1C software, set up the accounting system in accordance with international standards used in trade organizations (including the automated formation of Report on profit and Report on transfer of assets), organized the data storage and methods of data transformation, provided mutual integration of accounting systems.


The use of Agile-approach in project management has allowed starting implementation of changes without further details of the technical task, which has turned into fast results already on the stage of ready prototypes, based upon current desires of company heads. During each sprint,there were minor adjustments made in accounting modules and visual report panels were designed for control of the business situation with consideration of various access rights.

Eventually, IGM consultants have increased the operative level of receiving data for managing decisions by 100 times (from one day to 1 minute). The economy of annual work efforts for preparation of reports and an additional check of information were decreased by 2,400 man-hours (300 working days). The company has gained an effective and automated tool for measurement and assessment of business efficiency.

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