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Choice of investment priorities


Large manufacturer of reinforced-concrete structures and products has faced the problem of development strategy choice.

Due to cut offinancing by major clients and close of big state programs on the development of construction industry, the volume of orders could have decreased by 30-50% within the nearest midterm. Besides, the character of orders was quite selective and the level of competitiveness, due to conditions of market shrink, has heavily increased.

Spot opportunities

IGM has helped owners to develop the healthy plan of actions: there was performed the analysis of the market with the purposeof adequate situation assessment, reviewed plans of production enlargement, assessed the potential of new projects. Finally, IGM introduced complex development strategy that was meeting requirements of the market and company’s available assets and resources.


IGM consultants have organized the study and assessed the position of the client on the market, tendencies of their development, international experience of development of such enterprises, influence factors, and have prepared sales forecast for 5 upcoming years.

All the investment projects planned earlier were analyzed: IGM has assessed risks of investments, developed economic-financial models of projects, performed summary analysis and assessed the efficiency of investments by several scenarios of realization of development strategy.

IGM has also performed series of strategic-related sessions with managing personnel and owners of the company, including the survey of key employees, analysis of internal indexes of company growth and development, discovered problem areas and reserves for the growth of efficiency, and has designed the master-plan on the achievement of set goals with currently available resources.

In tight time limits,we have come up with the development strategy for a group of companies and have performed the launch of new cross-production 2,5 years before the planned date of putting it into service. It has helped to save more than 700.000 USD only on investment costs, rapidly launch new source of income, define a distinct vector of enterprise development and investment priorities. There were conducted corresponding events and top managers were prepared for unfriendly response actions from competitors. Cooperation with IGM allowed owners to achieve economic effect worth 1,0 million USD.

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