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IGM has a guide rule – to keep and enrich successful practices in the organization and to implement the best solutions and practices of international experience. We help our clients to increase profit rates with currently available resources, increase team’s efficiency and to raise operational management to the new level.

    • WHAT WE DO
      Organizational audit
      Detection of internal reserves for an increase of organizational efficiency and planning the ways for its realization are performed by following the Plan of organizational development. To find potential points of growth and weak areas, design mechanisms for the development of the organization.

      Business processes re-engineering
      Used for breakthrough companies and market leaders, who are ready to review the historically formed system of business organization with the purpose of getting better results. The business model and system of business processes are analyzed and the Roadmap of re-engineering is developed, then the complex support in the implementation of plans is performed.

      Personnel assessment and motivation
      Giving new impulse for employees and strengthening of the team is possible if Motivation program is used. It’s basis – independent assessment of the potential of every employee and developer of event-oriented onto the reveal of these opportunities for the good of the whole company.

      Improving of management system
      An efficiency increase of already existing management system by means of development of the management improvement Program, as well as conduction of personal consultancies on management and organizational development for top-managers, owners an shareholders.


      CASE: Fresh breath for agro-business 

      Agriculture and farm

      Within 2 years it was possible to adjust the management system and give the necessary impulse for the development of the agro complex. 

      There was an income growth provided by 217,8%. About 70% of previously idling equipment was put back into work, which allowed to perform agricultural works in full measure and in time, in accordance with the developed agro map. Energy losses of storage were cut down by 1,5 times and the additional free space of warehouse was obtained. Business was diversified via the creation of separate divisions: gardens, vinelands, corn, storage with the use of freezing cameras, bee-garden, minor cattle breeding and processing of fruits and vegetables, trade and commercial line of business. Financial load on investor has been decreased dramatically due to the leasing purchase of new equipment. The map of risks has been developed.

      IGM has helped to obtain significant economic effect and strengthen the economy and team of agro complex, to form the understanding of strategic perspectives for the owner…

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