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IGM conducts marketing research projects, which require deep analytic studies. We use special methods that have proved their efficiency in the past, in order to achieve the most adequate assessment of the situation, which, in its turn, helps investors and company heads to make right decisions.

    • WHAT WE DO
      Development of approaches and plan
      If we speak about getting the desired marketing information that would be enough to make the decision concerning further marketing strategy, then the Business Road Map would be of great help for a company. It covers all stages – from currently used information sources to the methods of a summary of final analytics and making forecasts. This is a ready-to-use technical task for the performance of the study, which takes into consideration specifics of industry and domain, as well as the quality of information obtained.

      Competitor intelligence
      Useful in the understanding of strong and weak sides of a competitor, and building of perspective plans of development. Only legal ways of gathering information are used, however, methods of processing of obtained information provide answers to many questions stated in the report on the Business environment.

      Benchmarking studies
      It is the opportunity to learn about the experience of the nearest and international competitors, borrow and implement the latest achievements in the organization of processes, techniques, and approaches for the development of business strategy. Benchmarking data allow obtaining the Map of techniques transfer.

      Forecasting of development market
      The basis for building perspective business plans is the forecast of market development. Quality of forecast is provided by consideration of many factors, which have an immediate and collateral effect on market dynamics. The multi-factor analysis offers maximum accuracy of forecast data.


      CASE: Justified price of the mortgage 


      Conclusions of studies, performed by IGM, have become the basis of the development strategy for a Bank, and assessment of loans as well as perspectives of credits provision for projects in the sphere of mortgage and construction in particular. 

      At the moment of worldwide real-estate crisis in 2008, results of performed studies were confirmed and the Bank has managed to avoid direct losses of more than 100 million USD and kept the reputation mostly due to a timely corrected policy of risks management…

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