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IGM provide complex consulting services and support of top-managers and owners of businesses concerning the strategy matter. Design of the development strategy in a hand-by-hand manner with the head of the company helps to create that very necessary “core” of business system, which serves as the reliable support in making management decisions and assessment of the suitability of the chosen direction of development.

    • WHAT WE DO
      Strategic session
      An essential element in the preparation of Business Road Map. It is being held in a form of meeting with key influencers of the company in an informal setting. New business ideas are being generated. It allows to develop the uniform focus for applications of efforts, define goals and tasks for all divisions and employees.

      Development strategy
      Covers the questions of head company development strategy, separate business units, and assets. Programs of well-balanced development of a group of companies or corporate strategy.

      Market entry strategy
      Assistance in the organization of export-import transactions and the launch of new sales. Taking into considerations all threats and possibilities present on the new potential market, there is the Map of perspective planning being planned. It includes several concepts of strategy with an assessment of potential benefits and losses. It also offers the most justified plan of actions. 

      Anti-crisis strategy
      Having a limited amount of resources and strict boundaries of the given situation, it should be understood that one has to make the most efficient, result-oriented decisions. A plan of anti-crisis development gives an opportunity for the definition of points of efforts application and allows to find new opportunities for growth.


      CASE: Choice of investment priorities 

      Construction industry

      In tight time limits, we have come up with the development strategy for a group of companies and have performed the launch of new cross-production 2,5 years before the planned date of putting it into service. 

      It has helped to save more than 700.000 USD only on investment costs, rapidly launch new source of income, define a distinct vector of enterprise development and investment priorities. 

      There were conducted corresponding events and top managers were prepared for unfriendly response actions from competitors. 

      Cooperation with IGM allowed owners to achieve economic effect worth 1,0 million USD…

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