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IGM has business connections with private investors, funds, and banks. We do business and asset valuation. Developed network of international contacts and deep knowledge of local market gives the opportunity to offer the best solutions for deals with currently active businesses or for the financing of investment projects.

    • WHAT WE DO
      Valuation of business and asset
      It is important for the seller to justify the most profitable financial forecast, only in such case and with such condition it is possible for a business to achieve a high level of valuation. Buyer needs to achieve the most realistic assessment in order to consider potential risks and lower the cost or price of business.

      Assessment of investment project risks
      A decision on the practicability of attracting investment into this project is taken based on the analysis of the wide spectrum of risks: sales risks, marketing risks, sourcing, production, financial, organizational and other risks. Risks report helps investor or creditor to make a careful decision and create an effective system of risks management.

      Purchase and sale of business
      The success of sales or purchase of a currently active business is defined not only by the quality of given assessment but also by the negotiation strategy itself, as well as knowledge of alternative ways to eventually sign a contract and understanding the risks. Support is carried out until the desired result is achieved.

      Investments attraction
      Includes consultancies on attractions of investments, preparation of Investment proposal or project Teaser, an organization of negotiations with potential investors and creditors. Agent’s job is carried out until the start of project financing.


      CASE: New metal redistribution


      Owner of a plant in cooperation with IGM managed to earn more than 12 million USD over 3 years of work in the project, by sales on the first stage of production.

      Besides, he managed to avoid technological and other risks during further stages of plant development…

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