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IGM is in constant search all around the world for young, talented specialist, and who have already shown their competencies and expertise. The success of IGM international group is provided by the creation of special conditions for each of IGM Partner. 

What are the benefits of IGM Partner?

Improvement of personal expertise.

We enrich and widen the expertise base of each of our Partners by the consolidation of experience and knowledge of all 200 IGM business consultants.

International promotion.

We use all business opportunities for global promotion of IGM Partners as professional with strong personal expertise and competencies, as well as members of project teams.

Online projects.

We invite IGM Partners not only to participate in full-time consulting projects but also to act as the remote online-experts concerning some issues.

Transfer of technologies.

We share ready-to-use business-cases and products with IGM Partners, it will help to solve clients’ tasks faster and more effectively, it will also help in getting additional income and share the experience.

Cross-sales of services.

We rely on connections and business contacts of each of our Partners in order to sell services of all IGM business consultants more easily, which creates possibilities and prerequisites for financial success.

Professional career.

We are interested in the success of IGM Partners, their achievements in consultancy, effective project management, and, finally, control of local and regional offices, which would provide them with income from this business in general.

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