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This website, including all of it’s content, unless otherwise specified – are the property of the IGM International group, LLC company, located at the following address: 30 Wall St., 8-th Floor, New York, NY 10005, USA.

Reference to the IGM, “us”, “our” used under current terms on this website or any other website should be considered as the reference to the IGM International Group company. All company groups are registered in accordance with the corresponding legislation of countries of presence and are member companies of IGM International group, the network of independent companies. IGM – trademark of IGM network and each single company member of IGM network.

1. Use of Website

The act of use of the Webiste means that you have accepted the terms given this document. If you don’t want to be legally connected with these terms, please, do not enter the Website and do not use it. We reserve right to change these terms at any time, and recommend you to check them from time to time in order to be informed about all changes. If you continue to use the Website after announcement of such changes, it will mean that you are agree with changed rules.

2. Intellectual property

All exclusive right for the intellectual property of the content of the Website are owned exclusively by the IGM International group, if otherwise is not stated. The content of the Website is owned by the IGM International group, if otherwise is not stated. You may use the content of the Website if the following terms are satisfied:
a) the content is used only for informative purposes;
b) the content is intended only for your personal non-commercial use;
c) any copies or downloads of the content should contain the notification that exclusive rights on the corresponding material are owned exclusively by the IGM International group. Except cases directly predefined above, none of the Website should be construed as provision of some sort of consultation or the right to use the trade mark of exclusive right of the IGM International group or other third party.

3. Authorization on the Website

During the authorization, you will be referred as the personal user of the Website and have to use your true surname and name. At the same time you have to provide accurate and complete authorization data. Authorization is intended for only one user. Your Username and Password are personal for you and cannot be used by anyone else in order to obtain access to sections, opened to use only for authorized users.

4. Disclaimer of warranty and limitation of responsibility

Even though the given information has been thoroughly prepared, it covers only basics of matters and should be regarded as general guidance only. One should not rely upon the given information while highlighting some particular situations, and one should not act, or refrain from actions based on the content of Website, without having received a professional consultation with taking into account your particular situation. For a discussion of your issues in the context of the current circumstances, please, contact the IGM International Group. The company itself, it’s partners, employees and agents take no responsibility for losses, appeared as the result of actions, which were undertaken based on the information that was published on the Website, or for the decision, which was taken based on such information. The content of the Website is dedicated for the provision of general guidance concerning issues that are of the most interest for visitor, and services, which are also provided by IGM International Group. The content of Website is not, and should not be considered as, a professional consultation, and one should not rely upon the content as on the professional advice. In order to receive consultation concerning any particular area of activity, please, contact the IGM international group. During the preparation and implementation of Website, there were all measures taken for provision of accurate and up-to-date content. However, due to the constant changes of the normative and legislative base, there might be some unintended mistakes and information might be somewhat inaccurate or not up-to-date at the given moment of time. The IGM International group does not provide warranties or assurances, including responsibility, in relation to third parties implied or expressed, in relation to accuracy, reliability, and completeness of the information published on the Website. The IGM International group does not take any responsibility for any losses, including but not limited by actual damage and missed profit, which appear as the result of any decision or action undertaken or refrained from, due to information present on the Website or other related websites, or as the result of your use or improper use of the Website.

5. Website of third parties

The Website has references to other websites, which differ from IGM International group and are administrated by third parties. These references are provided in order to expand the volume of information available for you, and we take no obligations or responsibility for accuracy, timeliness, suitability, applicability, and lawfulness of information contained on websites of third parties. Including references to websites of third parties is not, and should not be considered as such, a witness or statement of the joint venture, partnership or other legal relations, which are not obviously established between the IGM International group and third party.

6. Information gathered during the visit of the Website

This section contains information about the policy of the IGM International group, which specifies collection and use of your personal information. We may change our privacy policy from time to time, any updates will be clearly stated in this section of the Website. We recommend you to review the privacy policy during each visit of the Website. We may request your name, e-mail address, postal address and postal index, telephone number, and the name of your company, depending on the particular aim, according to which the information is being gathered.

Sensitive information is not being requested or gathered on the Website, except cases, when it is required on a legal basis as part of recruitment process. Sensitive information includes data that concerns ethnicity and race, political views, religious and similar beliefs, membership in some unions, physical and mental health, sexual life or questions about criminal justice. In cases, when you, indeed, provide sensitive information as the part of the recruitment process, the act of provision of such information will be considered as the direct permission for us to use the given information in accordance with aims it was provided for. We do not require obligatory authorization on the Website in order to have access to it. However, authorization is necessary for access to a certain section of the Website or services provided via the Website. IP-addresses of visitors are used in administration purposes, search and elimination of errors. IP address states the location of your computer within the Internet. IP addresses are not used for tracking of your session and are not connected with anything that may help in the statement of your identity. Such information may be gathered for the provision of statistics about users of the Website. In order to guarantee the proper administration of the Website and to help in improvement of the navigation through the Website, we may use cookie files or web beacons in order to gather necessary data. We use cookie files for the following purposes:
a) administration of the Website. Cookie files identify certain users when they enter the Website and allow us to personalize the user;
b) tracking data about our systems and identification of categories of users in terms of such items as address, type of browser or visited pages on the Website;
c) analysis of a number of visitors within different sections of the Website in order to make sure, that it is the up-to-date and useful source of information.

7. Use of your personal information

We use your personal information for certain aims only, for which it was provided for, except the cases, when you state that you would like to obtain other information from the IGM International group. When you request the material or ask someone to contact you, we can provide you with additional information that may be of an interest to you. If you agree with such offer, we would then use your personal data in order to contact you and provide information about our products and/or services, which, in our opinion, might be of an interest for you. If you would like to cancel the subscription for additional information, you may do it in any time simply by clicking on “cancel subscription” reference, which is located at the bottom of all e-mails, or by sending an email at subscribe@igmconsult.com. Even though we are able to provide information to a supplier of services, who process it in accordance with the agreement for processing of data behalf our company, we do not provide or disclose personal information to third parties, unless it is necessary for the achievement of a goal of provision. Information is not provided to third parties for their personal marketing aims, and mailing is not performed for third parties as well. All personal data collected by the IGM International group will not be handed to other companies-members of the IGM International group. We may disclose, transfer, sale or direct any information described above, including the data, which allows to figure out the identity of the user, to third parties in the result or during the course of preparation for sale, consolidation, merge, change of control, transfer of valuable assets, reorganization or elimination of IGM International group, and you are agree to such disclose, transfer, sale or cessio. Information is stored only for the period that is necessary to deal with the request, and for the justified period of time after for our purposes of administration and marketing. Your personal data may also be handed to third parties that provide certain services and process information due to the request of the IGM International group, including provider of IT services, identification data management, hosting of websites and their management and administration, data analysis, data back-up, as well as services of storage and protection of data. As the result, your personal data may be handed beyond the country of your presence. By providing your personal data on this Website your agree for trans-border transfer of such data due to your requests or messages, performed on the basis of your true will. Common standards of technological and operational security were implemented in order to protect your personal data from losses, improper use, alteration or elimination. At the same time, you may know that transfer of data via the Internet may not be completely safe. Thus, even though we use all rational means of protection of your personal data, we cannot guarantee that any of provided information will be protected from unauthorized use by third parties. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the protection of your personal data or safe use of the Website. We cannot guarantee that the Website does not contain viruses or harmful codes. You take responsibility for making sure that your own information technologies, equipment, used for the access to the Website are protected from such viruses and/or codes. All employees and heads of the IGM International group have to maintain the confidentiality of any personal information, which is accessible only for authorized personnel. You may refer to use with the request for alternation or elimination of such data by contacting us via the email at office@igmconsult.com. The IGM International group takes no responsibility for the provision of accurate metering of your personal data at the moment it was provided. However, without your assistance we will not be able to provide actual accuracy of your personal information after it was received. Please, contact us if your personal information is now out of date, in order to help us to provide it’s accuracy and timeliness. The data operator that collects information described here is the IGM International group.

8. Separate feasibility

If any of the given terms would be defined as illegal, invalid or impossible to be performed due to legislation reasons of the given country, where these terms should be valid, then within the degree and jurisdiction of which these terms are illegal, they should be separated and eliminated from these terms. At the same time, other terms keep their legal force and continue to be obligatory for performance.

9. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

These terms have to be regulated and construed in accordance with the legislation of the USA. User may visit the Website form various places around the world with laws that differ from USA legislation, that’s why when you receive an access to the Website, you automatically agree that all USA laws would be applied to all matters connected with the use of the Website by you. However, the IGM International group reserves right to start civil proceeding in any court or courts, and in courts of your country of residence if necessary.

10. Privacy and cookie files

The Website -  www.igmconsult.com – and other websites, which are the property of the IGM International group, are dedicated for the provision of clients and potential clients, potential employees, and partners, with information about our professional services and solutions. The IGM International group company automatically collects information of visitors of the Website and also when you voluntarily decide to provide us with your information – for example, when you fill the form on the Website  www.igmconsult.com. Such information will be processed confidentially and would be used only by the IGM International group. Cookie file – is a small text file, in which browser records data about your visits of websites, and which is stored on the computer of the user. A cookie file cannot read data from your computer. Cookie files cannot harm operational system of your computer. You may change the configuration and setups of your browser so that it would reject cookie files and warn you each time such file is going to be transferred to you. In order to improve our service for you, we use cookie file for system administration purposes and analytics of the Website, thus receiving the information about behavior and number of visitors of various sections of the Website. The IGM International group does not exchange these data with third parties. Our cookie files store such sensitive data like your name, address or payment details. If you want to limit, block or delete cookie files received from the Website or any other website, use your browser for such purpose. Check the “Help” menu in your browser (or check the guidance on the use of your mobile phone), in order to learn about changing preferable setups of cookie files. If you want to learn more about cookie files and how to control them, we recommend you to visit public website  www.aboutcookies.org.

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